Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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The PhD program Hong Kong universities offered by the Faculty of Science enables students to complete a wide range of independent research (100,000 words). In pursuit of excellence, Monash scientists have set new standards that affect technological development, help improve health and social well-being, support environmental sustainability, and promote the advancement of industrial practice.

Master of Science graduate students can use internationally renowned research centers and establish close professional relationships with local businesses and governments. Dr. Monash is internationally renowned for excellence and relevance, and quality supervision is at the core of our success.

As a PhD candidate, you will be supported by at least two supervisors throughout the candidate. Under their guidance, you will write and submit a dissertation that will make a significant contribution to the knowledge system or understanding of your research area study in Hong Kong.

Research areas

This PhD program can be conducted in the main areas of research offered by the Faculty of Science, including:

applied Science

Food Technology

Medical biological sciences

Environmental science.

Career Opportunities

Science graduates can find employment in genetic engineering, agricultural support, pharmaceutical sciences, banking and finance, environmental consulting, hospitals, medical institutions, mining, petroleum, engineering, research, and the wine and food industries top universities in hong kong.